Freediving Explained

Freediving is a lifestyle that I like to compare with the theory of Bandha. A person practices this discipline is someone who has established peace of mind underwater. He is a person that has full control over his body.

He knows himself, He is well connected with himself.

“The scuba diver dives to look around. The freediver dives to look inside.”
Umberto Pelizzari

When our bodies submerge under the sea our mammal reflex is triggered. We enter what I like to refer as “the exploring mode” of human nature. You become one with a world of different to the surface. But with slightly similar attributes.

“Freediving is about silence…the silence that comes from within..”
Jacques Mayol

The underwater world is a place where (at a certain depth) our bodies become neutral. You can fly! It’s a place where you have the ability to explore the incredible feeling of momentum that a very similar feeling as moving through space.

Do you like this image? Click on the image and check out my latest freediving photoshoot.

Yes, flying is possible and all you need is a little courage, a mask and a friend to watch your back.❤?

A fundamental ingredient for this sport is relaxation. It’s Crucial. Find a balance between concentration and successfully rest your mind. A dive beyond 90m requires an abundant amount of focus because early equalization is key.
Therefore, freediving is a combination of relaxation and focus, it’s a mind’s game.

Deep diving is a very complex discipline and those who master it are real life Sensei’s.

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If you are interested in freediving knowledge I highly recommend this book!

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